With over twenty years experience in the field of industry, first as a craftman and then as designer/builder I am a seasoned designer with extensive experience in hands-on engineering.


If you are looking to develop a product idea, a new design,  I am able to help you ,  as well as if you want to alter an existing one and adding value to an existing product:




I can help, with a sound empathy for the market, an extensive motorcycle  expertise, strong backgrounds in engineering and computer-aided design and most important  I have the passion, the enthusiast  to help you achieve your  vision.


                                                -Product planning

                                                -Design concept

                                                -Model making & prototyping



According to your objectives, I can offer a different level of free lance support. From an end to end design project, for a study on an existing design or advices only.





CV resume on request




Take note,

Today , I have no connection with VD Classic, name is used only at illustrative purpose only.

I don't build  anymore projects for private customer and I don't have any parts or bikes to sell.


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